Gearless CI flexo printing machine

DH-OFEM CI flexo printing machine is a modern design machine with most advanced technology. It adopts technology like gearless drive, sleeve for plate and anilox roller, dynamic pressure setting, auto inking and washing etc. max speed 400m/min.

CI flexo printing machine

Sleeve technology 

Fast job change, easy to operation. No tools needed; Practical and intuitive supports opening system, without the necessity of long procedures and electronic sequences; No hydraulic device, extreme safety; Minimize the number of components, high maintainability.

Gearless driven system

Enables to print any repeat within the minimum and the maximum size of the machine, totally eliminating the old gears limitation such as obtaining any intermediary size. This system provides a very accurate positioning of the rollers, repeating exact positions and printing pressures for jobs already processed and recorded.

gearless ci flexo printing machine