New DH-ROC high speed flexo printing machine delivered to customers

In March 2019, DH flexo delivered a new DH-ROC inline flexo printing machine to the customer company.

DH-ROC flexo printing machine
DH-ROC flexo printing machine


The customer’s main printing product is wrapping paper, which has been used in the past with a gravure press with solvent ink. After many tests, customers found that using a flexo printer with water-based ink printing can greatly reduce the cost of ink usage (approximately 30% reduction). Therefore, the customer decided to gradually replace the company’s gravure press with a flexo press.

Currently, this customer has ordered 3 DH-ROC high speed full servo flexo presses. DH-ROC adopts full servo drive mode and sleeve technology to ensure the stability of the machine at high speed and the quickness of changing prints.

According to the reaction of the customer’s operators, DH-ROC can achieve a maximum output of 9 million meters per month in actual production, and the average production number is 350-400 meters per minute, with automatic paper splicing, automatic registration, and other functions. Greatly improve customer productivity and reduce production costs.

In addition to wrapping paper, DH-ROC can also be used in beverage packaging printing, carton printing and other fields. At present, many DH-ROC models for different fields are stepping up production and aiming for early delivery.

DH-ROC product features:
Sleeve technology
Full servo drive with 8 servo motors per color group.
Automatic paper splicing at high speed without stopping
High-speed printing (water-based ink up to 450 m / min)
Automatic registration
Dynamic pressure compensation
Internet remote program access

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