Introduction to the development process of flexo CTP

At Drupa 1995, DuPont and Baasel-Scheel jointly launched the world’s first digital flexographic imaging system CDI (Cyrel Digital Imager), which is considered to be the first flexographic CTP. Baasel-Scheel in 1996 was acquiredby Barco in 2002, Barco and Baolu Telford Company (Purup-Eskofot) merged Esko-Graphics, 2006 changed to Esko (Esko), and acquired¬† Artwork Systems in 2007 and was renamed Esko-Artwork and in 2012 it was changed back to Esko. To date, more than 90% of digital flexo in the world has been produced on the Esko CDI flexo platesetter.

Eastman Kodak began selling the Creo technology black film engraving machine called Thermal Flex after completing the acquisition of Creo (formerly CreoScitex Creothe Angel) in 2005. After that, the Drupa2008 exhibition debut its unique flexo CTP system FLEXCEL NX.

On the Drupa 2012 show, Xeikon officially launched ThermoFlexX imaging system. The launch of this device is based on its acquisition of FlexoLaser in 2011 and the acquisition of the Kodak ThermoFlexX registered trademark. At the end of 2015, Xeikon was acquired by Flint.

Later, Japan Screen Corporation and Swiss Rosen Company also launched a flexographic CTP based on semiconductor lasers. The inner drum technology of the Swiss Lausanne flexo CTP is very unique. Unlike other models, the precision and engraving quality are very high.

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