DH corrugated flexo printing machine for pre-printing

The pre-printing method can produce medium and high-grade cartons, which can meet the requirements of beautiful printing and reduce the strength of corrugated board as small as possible. Preprinting is divided into gravure preprinting and flexo preprinting. Due to the high cost of the printing plate and the fast printing speed, the printing volume of the pre-printed carton can not be less than 500,000 boxes, which is not suitable for small and medium-sized customers and short-running jobs. Corrugated box pre-printing is usually done with corrugated flexo printing machine

DH corrugated flexo printing machine
DH corrugated flexo printing machine

The pre-printed carton has high printing precision, full printing ink color, bright and firm color, and complete printing and glazing. It is the best production process for obtaining high quality carton at home and abroad. Its production efficiency is high, suitable for mass production, and produced. The physical index of the carton is higher than 30% of the carton with the same material offset printing, but the production cost is significantly lower than the offset carton.

As an advanced printing process, pre-printing requires the use of advanced equipment and technology. At the same time, higher requirements are put forward for the corresponding materials, which requires that the corrugated cardboard has high edge strength and fracture resistance, and the smoothness of the paper is required to achieve good printability.

The Jiaolong corrugated flexo printing machine is DH’s high-end flexo printing equipment for the corrugated pre-printing market. The maximum width is 2200mm and the maximum repeat length is 1900mm. It adopts servo drive, servo pressure adjustment, single-group circulating ink supply technology, etc., which simplifies the machine operation and improves the printing quality. At present, DH corrugated flexo printing machine has been widely used in the pre-printing of beer boxes, fruit boxes, beverage boxes and other products.