DH-JL 2200mm wide flexo printing machine ready for delivery

Recently, the customer completed the acceptance inspection of the 2200mm wide flexographic printing press at DH, and the new machine will be sent to the customer’s factory for installation.

DH-JL series flexo printing machine is a unit type flexo printing machine developed by DH in recent years for the carton preprinting market. The maximum printing width is 2200mm, the maximum repeating length is 1900mm, and the maximum printing speed is 240m/min, which can cover most order for carton preprint job on market.

In recent years, the corrugated box pre-printing market has developed rapidly in China. Compared with the traditional post-printing technology, carton pre-printing can achieve higher product printing quality, reduce the effect of the wash board, and reduce the damage of the post-printing support strength of the corrugated box.

After years of research and development, DH has launched a number of models for pre-printing corrugated boxes, of which DH-JL is the latest product in recent years. In addition to the standard automatic registration, pre-registration and other functions, it is also equipped with printing pressure servo adjustment, which greatly improves the pressure stability and production efficiency.

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