Rubber carved plate on flexographic printing equipment

Features of rubber carved plate on flexographic printing equipment

1 high printing durability

EPDM rubber has excellent wear resistance, ozone resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, weather resistance and other aging resistance due to its own characteristics.
These properties determine its high print durability, long shelf life, and the need to protect the environment. This makes the rubber straight-engraved flexo plate very suitable for some long job or super long job, such as: aseptic package printing, breathable film printing, carton pre-printing, etc.

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1.2 Solvent resistance

EPDM rubber for various polar chemicals such as alcohols, acids, alkali oxidants, refrigeration agents, detergents, ketones and esters all have good resistance, while the stability in benzene solvents and gasoline is relatively poor. This is a consensus on the chemical resistance of this material.

Although the current environmental pressure is huge, benzene solvents have not been used as ink thinners. However, in order to ensure that the solvent resistance of the plate meets the requirements, we have tested the engraved plate in a solvent of xylene for 15 days, and then tested on the machine, and found that the dots and thin lines did not change. The author estimates that it may be that the plate supplier has made corresponding adjustments in the rubber formula, but the specific data cannot be obtained, so it is impossible to conduct in-depth discussion.

As far as the currently known cases are concerned, the rubber plate has very good corrosion resistance to the alcohol solvent ink, which can better improve the printing durability of the printing plate for the packaging printing enterprises which generally use the solvent type ink.

1.3 highest engraving 200LPI, the smallest dot 0.5% or less.

Because it is directly engraved and formed, it is not affected by exposure and washing factors, so the minimum dot can be engraved very small without the loss of small dots.
The minimum mesh point that the rubber version can engrave is 5um, and the thinnest line is 0.01mm.

1.4 three-dimensional engraving, can be designed at any point type.
Free dot patterning has the following advantages:
1.4.1 Engraving the flat top outlets that meet the requirements to ease the expansion of the outlets.
The laser direct carving can accurately restore the 3D type because it is not affected by other factors.

1.4.2 Design different dot shapes according to the percentage of different dot points, and expand the tone of the flexo.
For example, using a specific engraving in a dot of 1% or less can effectively prevent dots from falling and lodging.

1.4.3 can design the height of the network at will
According to the size of the dot, the height of the relief is high, and the height of the relief is small.
This design makes the amount of ink in the small dots relative to the large dots and the field in printing, and the pressure in the printing is smaller than that in the large dots and the ground. The small amount of ink is used, which means that it can effectively prevent ink jams and dirty plates.
The smaller the smaller the dot, the smaller the pressure of the anilox roller received during the inking process, which not only can control the expansion well, but even achieve zero expansion; moreover, the less the amount of ink, the printed The lighter the color, the equivalent of further widening the high-tone tone on the basis of a minimum of 5μ.

Small enough mesh points, with the appropriate cutting parameters, can easily show the broken screen effect of the highlights without obvious print breaks.

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