DHF bag printing machine
DHF bag printing machine

DHF bag printing machine is the best choice for your bag printing job. its standard width is 1200--1300mm, suitable for all different kind of bag printing. Its max speed is 180m/min, each station has its own servo motor to drive, which avoid the mechanical distortion problem may happen on shaft driven machine.

Beside printing, DHF bag printing machine can install inline slitting unit to slit the paper and remove wasted edge.

DHF bag printing machine also has pre-register function. This function can save material waste dramatically.

In order to improve machine efficiency, it can install auto splicing winding system to realize automatic paper change.

Meanwhile, this machine use top open structure, which makes it very easy to load printing cylinder from the top side. The special design of pressure setting system makes the two pressure independent with each other, which offers a much more faster pressure setting compared with traditional design.



video address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sx4XnoWLQjs


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