The DHF cup printing machine is a simple, highly efficient flexo printing press. Each of its colors is servo-driven and has pre-registered function, which allows users to quickly and accurately complete work settings and reduce paper waste.

DHF cup printing machine is an inline flexo printing machine, so its number of color groups can be customized according to customer needs, we can provide a choice of 1-12 colors. The machine uses a special drying unit design that is particularly suitable for printing double PE paper.

cup printing machine
paper cup printing machine

The machine is designed for a maximum speed of 180m/min and can be equipped with automatic splicing to further increase printing efficiency. The standard corona treatment unit can process PE paper surface to ensure the adhesion of ink.

DH Graphic has installed hundreds of such cup printing machine around the world. They provide local KFC, McDonald's and other fast food companies with efficient and timely paper cups, cartons and other printing services.


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